Bathroom Cabinets

If you are struggling for storage space, why not introduce a new shabby chic bathroom cabinet into your bathroom. Read more...
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Black Reeded Glass Wall Cabinet
Cream Mirrored Bathroom Wall Cabinet
£101.72 was £115.95
save 12%
French Style Bathroom Wall Cabinet with Shelf
Grey Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet with Drawer Storage
£108.95 was £109.95
save 1%
Large White Wall Shelf with Heart Drawer Storage
£101.95 was £105.95
save 4%
Linen Closet/Low Wardrobe Storage Cabinet - Daventry Cream Range
Lyon Range - Cream Wall Mounted Cupboard With Drawers
£175.95 was £181.95
save 3%
Pink Mirrored Bathroom Wall Cabinet
£97.20 was £101.95
save 5%
Rose Detailed White Wall Cabinet With Hooks
£47.46 was £51.95
save 9%
Rustic Black Glass Wall Cabinet
White Mirrored Bathroom Wall Cabinet
White Reeded Glass Wall Cabinet
Wooden Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet
A bathroom cabinet doesn’t just have to be above your sink, you can introduce multiple bathroom cabinets to take full advantage of space up above. Many of our bathroom cabinets here at Flora Furniture offer drawers, shelves and closed cabinets to hide away your unwanted body and face products or even cleaning supplies such as bleach, wipes and sponges. Your bathroom can be sparkling clean and organised using our shabby chic bathroom cabinets so browses our amazing collection today.