Venus Range

The Venus range is brand new to Flora Furniture! Luxurious, gold and mirrored glass furniture.  Read more...
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Gold Framed Mirrored Bedside / Occasional Table - Venus Range
£152.95 was £217.95
save 30%
Pair of Gold Mirrored Bedside / Occasional Tables - Venus Range
£289.35 was £430.50
save 33%

Venus Range

What style is the Venus range?

The Venus range is brand new to Flora Furniture! Luxurious, gold and mirrored glass furniture.

The Venus range is modern yet art deco in design with glamorous gold bar handles and sleek gold metal frame.


What room will the Cleopatra range suit?

The Venus range has been designed for living room, hallway, dining room and bedroom storage in mind. The range consists of a large chest of drawers, bedside/occasion table and console table. Perfect for those who want something luxe and modern.


Why Gold Furniture?

Gold, for many years has been seen as something a little bit too daring, to be used sparingly in the interior world. Those days are now behind us! Gold is bigger than ever and it is definitely the metallic colour of the moment. Interior designers are getting much daring with bold colour and design choices. So if you are swaying towards this style and moving away from the neutral safe look, the venus range is definitely for you.


Why choose mirrored furniture?

Notoriously disliked for dust, fingerprints and smudges.Don’t be put off from the horror stories! 

Mirrored furniture has its benefits, it main selling point is it can make one of the smallest rooms appear much larger!

Mixing both the very popular mirrored furniture and gold furniture is luxe lovers dream!


How to care for your mirrored furniture -

Unfortunately, the dust, smudges and fingerprints cannot be avoided but with these tips we can make looking after your mirrored furniture much more pain free without having to have your cloth and cleaner out 100 times a day!! 

Here’s a few tips to keep your Venus range sparkling and looking as fabulous as ever!


1. How to clean mirrored furniture -  You should only ever use a non solvent based glass cleaner and microfiber cloth,Why is this? General household cleaners or surface wipes can really dull a mirrored piece of furniture and cause  it to lose its sparkle, the microfibre cloth ensures no lint residue is left behind, anti static and will make your venus range sparkle!.

Tip :Never spray the cleaner directly on to the furniture, spray the cloth first!


2. How to stop scratches, cracks or chips appearing on your mirrored furniture -    

You cannot stop this completely with mirrored furniture, it is inevitable, as with any furniture, but there are ways to stop it happening. 

Don’t place your mirrored furniture in a place it will be knocked, a mirrored coffee table or side table in a living room when you have pets or children running round isn’t ideal so assess your situation before committing to mirrored furniture

Don’t over tighten your handles, over tightening makes the glass crack as is the number 1 culprit for damaged mirror furniture.

Display and place objects with soft felt pads underneath avoid the damage before it happens. Knocking or dragging your beautiful decorative accessories on the mirrored surface will easily scratch or crack the top.


3. How to make sure you don’t stain your mirrored furniture - 

Keep perfumes,, alcohol based liquids,  make up and hair dye well away from a mirrored piece of furniture! Even something like water could easily stain a mirrored surface if left long enough so be sure to clean up as soon as possible!

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