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3 Tier Silver Mirrored Shelving
Antique Silver Wall Mirror 36cm x 55cm
Antique Taupe Wall Mirror 36cm x 55cm
£34.95 was £35.95
save 3%
Antique White Ornate Oval Wall Mirror 50cm x 70cm
Arched Frameless Wall Mirror 40cm x 60cm
£51.95 was £71.95
save 28%
Arched Gold Wall Mirror 61cm x 101cm
£146.45 was £163.95
save 11%
Art Deco Fan Frameless Wall Mirror 40cm x 60cm
£54.95 was £59.95
save 8%
Art Deco Mirrored Wall Shelf Unit
£234.95 was £243.95
save 4%
Black & Gold Rectangle Wall Mirror
£20.95 was £23.95
save 13%
Black & White Metal Ladies Plaque
£6.25 was £7.95
save 21%
Black & White Metal Toilet Plaque
£7.15 was £7.95
save 10%
Black Hexagon Wall Shelf - Hexagon Mirror
£38.95 was £46.95
save 17%
Black Hexagon Wall Shelves
£33.95 was £36.95
save 8%
Black Metal & Wood Ladder Shelving Unit
£276.95 was £295.95
save 6%
Black Metal Industrial Shelves
£30.95 was £43.95
save 30%
Black Metal Industrial Vanity Wall Mirror with Shelf 32cm x 50cm
£62.95 was £81.95
save 23%
Black Metal Industrial Vanity Wall Mirror with Shelf 49.5cm x 69.5cm
£83.95 was £89.95
save 7%
Black Metal Wire & Wood Shelf with Storage Pot
£23.95 was £43.95
save 46%
Black Metal Wire Wall Shelves with Hooks
£25.95 was £31.50
save 18%
Black Mirrored Wall Shelf With Hooks
£51.95 was £63.95
save 19%
Black Oval Wall Mirror 40cm x 140cm
Brass Metal Porthole Mirror 38cm x 38cm
£48.45 was £66.95
save 28%
Brushed Gold Thin Framed Wall Mirror 50cm x 75cm
£95.95 was £100.95
save 5%
Ceramic Monochrome People Tray
£8.95 was £14.95
save 40%
Chain Style Coat Hook
Copper Art Deco Distressed Mirror
£251.95 was £266.95
save 6%
Cream Heart Design Toilet Roll Holder
£7.55 was £13.95
save 46%
Cream Mirrored Bathroom Wall Cabinet
£82.45 was £140.95
save 42%
French Style Bathroom Wall Cabinet with Shelf
Full Length Wall Mirror 31cm x 121cm
£41.95 was £53.95
save 22%
Glass Amber Bud Vase
Gold & Glass Arched Table Mirror
£26.95 was £33.95
save 21%
Gold Arch Wall Mirror
Gold Crescent Moon Shelf
£21.95 was £25.95
save 15%
Gold Flamingo Wall Hook
£10.95 was £11.95
save 8%
Gold Hippo Wall Hook
Gold Metal Hanging Mirror with Shelf 31.5cm x 50.5cm
Gold Mirrored Shelving Unit
£39.95 was £40.95
save 2%
Gold Oval Shaped Wall Mirror 45cm x 64cm
Gold Rectangle Mirrored Shelf
We understand not everyone has a large spacious bathroom and that is why we offer a range of smart, space saving, stylish furniture to suit all spaces and colour schemes. We also offer a large variety of shabby chic bathroom mirrors, in all shapes, colours and sizes whether you may need a stylish standard wall mountable mirror or a mirrored bathroom cabinet with added storage. We don’t only cater for small bathrooms, we also have a large amount of shabby chic, French inspired furniture perfect for storage in a bathroom, why not try on of our glazed display bathroom cabinets to neatly store all your towels and toiletries? Or maybe even a french style sideboard to hide everything away to create a neat and tidy space? The choices are endless!