Dressing Tables

We all know that the dressing table is the centre of the bedroom for starting your day. Just to sit down on a comfy stool in front of the perfect mirror at your dream dressing table. Read more...
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2 Drawer Console/Dressing Table - Daventry Cream Range
£144.95 was £151.95
save 5%
Antique White Large 5 Drawer Dressing Table/Writing Desk - Pays Blanc Range
£306.95 was £326.95
save 6%
Cream Dressing Table, Mirror & Stool Set - Daventry Cream Range
Cream Painted Dressing Table Stool - Elise Cream Range
£80.95 was £106.95
save 24%
Davenport Taupe-Grey Dressing Table Set - Davenport Taupe-Grey Range
Dressing Table with Triple Vanity Mirror Set - Daventry Dove-Grey Range
Elise Grey Range - 2 Drawer Console Table
Elise White Range - Two Drawer Console Table
French Style Dressing Table, Mirror & Stool - Brigitte Range
£529.95 was £540.95
save 2%
Grey 2 Drawer Console / Dressing Table - Newbury Grey Range
Grey Console / Dressing Table - Davenport Grey Range
£166.95 was £169.95
save 2%
Grey Console/Dressing Table - Daventry Taupe-Grey Range
Grey Dressing Table, Mirror & Stool Set - Davenport Grey
Grey Dressing Table, Mirror & Stool Set - Daventry Taupe-Grey Range
Grey Dressing Table, Stool and Mirror Set - Daventry Taupe-Grey Range
£247.95 was £356.95
save 31%
Large French Style Dressing Table - Brigitte Range
£327.11 was £354.95
save 8%
Large Mirrored Dressing Table - Tiffany Range
Mirrored Classique Range - One Drawer Dressing/Console Table
Mirrored Dressing Table and Stool - Tiffany Range
£263.95 was £565.90
save 53%
Mirrored Dressing Table and Vanity Mirror - Tiffany Range
£255.95 was £387.90
save 34%
Oak Wood Console / Dressing Table - Oakley Range
Ornate Mirrored 3 Drawer Dressing Table, Stool and Mirror Bedroom Furniture Set - Tiffany Range
£346.95 was £706.95
save 51%
Pays Blanc Antique White Dressing Table with Triple Mirror and Stool
£397.95 was £452.95
save 12%
Retro Range - Dressing Table/Desk
Retro Range - Metal/Wood Chair
Silver Embossed Table Top Triple Vanity Mirror - Monique Range
£81.95 was £82.95
save 1%
Silver Mirrored Bedroom Furniture, Chest of Drawers, Dressing Table Set & Bedside Tables - Tiffany Range
£939.95 was £1805.70
save 48%
Taupe-Grey Bedroom Dressing Table Set & Pair of Bedside Tables - Davenport Taupe-Grey Range
£519.95 was £556.75
save 7%
Taupe-Grey Console / Dressing Table - Davenport Taupe-Grey Range
Taupe-Grey Dressing Table & Mirror Set - Davenport Taupe-Grey Range
£234.95 was £251.90
save 7%
Tiffany Range - Mirrored Dressing Table
£199.95 was £396.95
save 50%
White 2 Drawer Console / Dressing Table - Newbury White Range
White 2 Drawer Console/Dressing Table - Daventry White Range
£151.95 was £156.95
save 3%
White Console / Dressing Table - Davenport White Range
White Console / Dressing Table - Victoria Range
White Dressing Table, Mirror & Stool Set - Davenport White Range
£346.95 was £363.85
save 5%
White Dressing Table, Mirror and Stool Set - Daventry White Range
White Dressing Table, Mirror, Stool Set - Victoria Range
White Dressing Table, Stool & Mirror Set - Lila Range
£131.95 was £226.95
save 42%
White Dressing Table, Vanity Mirror & Stool Set - Newbury White Range

This is just the start of designing your bedroom.

When creating your dream bedroom, you need to find that perfect dressing table set so that you can pamper yourself in style and elegance. Our beautiful selection of dressing tables gives you so many choices. Whether you're looking for ideas or already know what you want, we can help.

When planning your décor start with the main focus, your dressing table. Think about the colour you want to go for 
, we have cream dressing tables, grey dressing tables and mirrored dressing tables and all the colours and styles in between, each have triple mirrors to swing mirrors and mirrors with additional storage. From dressing table sets complete with mirror and stool to simply the dressing table only, we have so many options. If it's classic French style or a distressed vintage, country look, we specialise in painted furniture. So if your looking for cream, white, ivory, grey, silver and mirrored, we have it all. Shabby chic and French style is the way to go. Size is also an important factor, we have dressing tables in various sizes from the small and compact to the large and extravagent, all offering storage solutions for your bits and pieces.

Combining practicality with style and elegance has never been easier. We have all you need to go that step further and furnish your whole bedroom how you want. With co-ordinating furniture that will give you a full bedroom experience with our chests of drawers, bedside tables and wardrobes.

Create a bright, lively space to an opulent boudoir. We have everything you could want to make your dream bedroom come alive.