Dining Room

When you picture a dining room, we don't want you to just think of that place where you eat, the dining room is the heart of your home for bringing people together. Read more...
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Antique Gold Arched Triple Vanity Mirror 60cm x 72cm
£88.95 was £89.95
save 1%
Antique Gold Sunburst Style Wall Mirror 49cm x 49cm
Antique Silver Wall Mirror 36cm x 55cm
Antique Taupe Wall Mirror 36cm x 55cm
£34.95 was £35.95
save 3%
Antique White Arched Wall Mirror
£79.95 was £84.95
save 6%
Antique White Wall Mirror 36cm x 55cm
Arched Antique Silver Wall Mirror 61cm x 101cm
Arched Frameless Wall Mirror 40cm x 60cm
£51.95 was £71.95
save 28%
Arched Gold Wall Mirror 61cm x 101cm
£146.45 was £163.95
save 11%
Art Deco Fan Frameless Wall Mirror 40cm x 60cm
£54.95 was £59.95
save 8%
Art Deco Fan Wall Mirror
£68.95 was £76.95
save 10%
Black & Gold Rectangle Wall Mirror
£20.95 was £23.95
save 13%
Black and Gold Large Skeleton Wall Clock
£33.95 was £49.95
save 32%
Black Hexagon Wall Shelf - Hexagon Mirror
£38.95 was £46.95
save 17%
Black Hexagon Wall Shelves
£33.95 was £36.95
save 8%
Black Metal & Wood Ladder Shelving Unit
£276.95 was £295.95
save 6%
Black Metal Wire & Wood Shelf with Storage Pot
£23.95 was £43.95
save 46%
Black Mirrored Wall Clock
£43.45 was £49.95
save 13%
Black Mirrored Wall Shelf With Hooks
£51.95 was £63.95
save 19%
Black Nordic Dining Chair
£156.95 was £218.95
save 28%
Black Oval Wall Mirror 40cm x 140cm
Black Square Wall Mirror 40cm x 40cm
£19.95 was £21.95
save 9%
Black Wood & Cane Chair
Brass Metal Porthole Mirror 38cm x 38cm
£48.45 was £66.95
save 28%
Copper Art Deco Distressed Mirror
£251.95 was £266.95
save 6%
Curved Natural Wood Wall Mirror
£170.95 was £180.95
save 6%
Extra Large Antique Brass Skeleton Clock
£148.95 was £165.95
save 10%
Extra Large Antiqued Gold Curved Wall / Floor / Leaner Mirror 69cm x 147cm
£155.45 was £178.95
save 13%
Extra Large Round Gold Wall Mirror 120cm x 120cm
Extra Large Round Silver Wall Mirror 120cm x 120cm
£126.95 was £177.95
save 29%
Extra Large Round White Wall Mirror 120cm x 120cm
Extra Large Rustic Arched Window Mirror 67cm x 159cm
Extra, Extra Large Ornate Gold Full Length Wall/Floor Mirror 85cm x 210cm
Extra, Extra Large Ornate Rose Gold Pink Full Length Wall/Floor Mirror
£213.95 was £277.95
save 23%
Full Length Wall Mirror 31cm x 121cm
£41.95 was £53.95
save 22%
Gold Arch Wall Mirror
Gold Crescent Moon Shelf
£21.95 was £25.95
save 15%
Gold Framed Round Triple Wall Mirror
£39.96 was £43.95
save 9%
Gold Hexagon Wall Mirror
£43.95 was £48.95
save 10%
Gold Industrial Mirrored Wall Shelving Unit

A meeting point for families, your family meals and it can also be your DIY office when working at home. Your french style dining table can be the perfect place for those gossip filled girly nights or lads poker nights!

So how do you furnish a room with multiple roles? We’ve pulled together our top dining room furniture pieces to make sure you have everything you need to create that extra bit of ‘wow-factor’ in your dining room.

Dining tables sets, in the country cottage style, teamed with a display cabinet and french style sideboards and some cute accessories you are completely set! You can always mix and match your chairs to find the perfect look with a table you love, too! That way you can easily create a comfortable and cosy space. Your dining room should also be a room where you enjoy spending time alone and with loved ones. Simply, by creating a well-furnished, multi-purpose space, it can help bring people together in your home for many years to come!