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When drawer space becomes a problem and your bedroom no longer resembles the clutter-free paradise you crave, our beautiful selection of great-value bedside storage offers the perfect storage solution. Read more...
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Grey 2 Drawer Bedside Table - Daventry Taupe-Grey Range
Tiffany range - 2 drawer bedside table
£172.95 was £232.95
save 26%
White Two Drawer Bedside Chest - Daventry White Range
Pair of Antique White 3 Drawer Bedside Table - Pays Blanc Range
£443.35 was £468.50
save 5%
Pair of Grey 2 Drawer Bedside Chests - Daventry Taupe-Grey Range
£280.25 was £295.20
save 5%
Pair of Three Drawer Bedside Tables - Hornsea Range
£392.45 was £420.40
save 7%
Pair of White Two Drawer Bedside Chest - Daventry White Range
£276.25 was £291.20
save 5%
1 Drawer Bedside Table - Tiffany Range
£162.95 was £267.95
save 39%
Black & Gold Round Side Table
Gold Antique Mirrored Bedside Chest / Occasional Table - Cleopatra Range
£197.45 was £238.95
save 17%
Gold Framed Mirrored Bedside / Occasional Table - Venus Range
Grey Bedroom Furniture, Chest of Drawers, Dressing Table Set & Bedside Tables - Newbury Grey Range
£1529.95 was £1695.70
save 10%
Grey Bedroom Furniture, Wardrobe, Chest of Drawers, Dressing Table Set & Bedside Tables - Newbury Grey Range
£2292.70 was £2563.85
save 11%
Grey Bedside Table - Davenport Grey Range
£160.95 was £162.95
save 1%
Grey Bedside Table - Newbury Grey Range
Industrial Style Metal Bedside Cabinet
£92.45 was £112.95
save 18%
Monique Range - Silver Corner Cabinet
Pair of Black Pine Wood 3 Drawer Bedside Tables
£411.45 was £440.40
save 7%
Pair of Gold Mirrored Bedsides / Occasional Tables - Cleopatra Range
£345.35 was £472.50
save 27%
Pair of Grey Mirrored Bedsides/Lamp Tables
£407.95 was £509.45
save 20%
Pair of Industrial Style Metal Bedside Cabinets
£152.65 was £219.10
save 30%
Pair of Mirrored Bedside Tables - Tiffany Range
£296.45 was £446.40
save 34%
Pair of Silver Embossed Bedside Tables - Monique Range
£403.45 was £430.40
save 6%
Pair of Slim White 2 Drawer Bedside Table - Lila Range
£174.15 was £255.10
save 32%
Pair of White 3 Drawer Bedside Chest - Lila Range
£221.75 was £341.20
save 35%
Pair of White 3 Drawer Bedside Tables - Victoria Range
£278.25 was £361.20
save 23%
Pair of White Mirrored 1 Drawer Bedsides
£277.25 was £295.20
save 6%
Pays Blanc Range - Antique White 3 Drawer Bedside Table
Silver Embossed 3 Drawer Bedside Table - Monique Range
Silver Mirrored Bedroom Furniture, Chest of Drawers, Dressing Table Set & Bedside Tables - Tiffany Range
£1032.35 was £1764.30
save 41%
Slim White 2 Drawer Bedside Table - Lila Range
£104.95 was £130.95
save 20%
Slim White Bedside Table - Newbury White Range
Three Drawer Bedside Chest - Hornsea Range
£209.95 was £210.95
White 3 Drawer Bedside Chest - Lila Range
£132.95 was £173.95
save 24%
White 3 Drawer Bedside Table - Victoria Range
£165.95 was £183.95
save 10%
White 3 Drawer Chest of Drawers - Lila Range
£172.95 was £231.95
save 25%
White Bedroom Set, Wardrobe, Chest of Drawers and a Pair of Bedside Chests - Lila Range
£846.00 was £1567.25
save 46%
White Bedside Table - Davenport White Range
£182.95 was £184.95
save 1%
White Bedside Table - Newbury White Range
£228.95 was £232.95
save 2%
White Mirrored 1 Drawer Bedside

Are you looking for some new bedroom cabinets?  We have a wide range of bedroom furniture including white, grey, gold, metal, cream, antique style, French style, mirrored and more.  Our collection includes a variety of bedside cabinets, tables or chests and matching furniture ranges are available.

Why are you choosing bedside cabinets?

Bedside Cabinets are ideal bedroom storage!

You may want your bedside chests to have drawers for some handy night stand storage. Our selection includes designs with single or multiple drawers, shelves or cupboards.  We stock all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles. You may want to have a small table for bedside lighting or a large cabinet for clothing storage. Many of our bedside drawers or cabinets can double as home decor display furniture.


What colours are you interested in?


The white, cream and grey ranges work equally well if you have decorated with bright or neutral colours but similarly, styles like industrial or retro will give that hint of definition to a room that may need some highlights.  If the room is small, a mirrored piece of bedroom furniture will give you a way to create the illusion of space and light as well as adding a touch of opulence.

What styles appeal to you?


Do you want a distressed finish to your furniture to achieve the shabby chic look or are you looking for the sleek lines associated with Scandinavian style?  All will add elegance and help you achieve your goal of creating the perfect bedroom. Our luxe ranges will add a little grandeur to a simple bedroom design. Just the shape of the legs can add to that richness.  Is your heart set on shabby chic white bedroom furniture, or do you long for antique style? What about the newer styles of retro, industrial or mirrored? Is your space for a bedside table limited? We do have narrow bedside tables too.


Take a look at the variety of ranges:


Vintage Bedside Tables - Vintage style is defined by its classic, elegant design.  It takes its inspiration from historic furniture styles such as French rococo or from Victorian England.  It’s a wide term but it covers the more ornate, feminine styles of furniture. It often has a neutral palette - white, cream or grey and may use vintage motifs such as Fleurs de Lys. An example of this would the Elise range, which is available in white, cream or grey and is complete with ornate style detailing and a lightly distressed painted finish.


Shabby Chic Bedside Tables Shabby Chic style is similar to vintage, but more inspired by classic furniture design.  It differs in that the finish tries to replicate what that period piece would look like now, including its wear and tear, so it may be distressed, lightly or heavily, and possibly have an antique look. Our Lila range is one to look at here - it has a satin smooth finish, with carved wooden roses as knobs to give a feminine touch.  They have some distressing to complement the antique approach.


Industrial Bedside Tables - Industrial style is a modern, current look which features metal, wood and earthy tones.  It’s inspired mainly by mid-century design as well as Nordic and Danish style furniture pieces. This style features in our loft living range and often has some quirky design features such as heavy distressing, and sometimes even ventures into ‘steam punk’ style.


Luxury styles of Bedside Tables - Luxurious furniture features far more ornate details. Our gold, silver and mirrored ranges will add that luxury elegance and detail to your home and help create that Wow! factor.  Take a look at the Tiffany range of mirrored bedroom furniture range for prime elegance.  It features bevelled mirrored panelling on a wooden frame, and it has glamorous crystal handles.  It is ornate and leans to vintage style. Being mirrored means it will fit with any colour scheme or size of room.  Those who love the rococo or any vintage style will find this range fits with their ideal interior look. The range also includes a mirrored chest of drawers, a full dressing table set, a large double wardrobe, as well as other mirrored furniture designed for other rooms.  So as well as creating space with your mirrored bedside table, you can have a fantastic luxury feel to your bedroom and other parts of your home.


What type of assembly are you expecting?

Most of our furniture is ready assembled on delivery.  However, some of our bedroom cabinets need simple assembly like fixing on the handles. But don’t worry! All of the fittings like washers and screws are included in your delivery.  You’ll also find instructions with all of our deliveries.


How long will it take to receive your order?

You can expect to have your furniture within 3-12 working days.  However, some items can arrive quicker - within 1-3 days. If you want to find out more precisely when, you can contact our Customer Services Team who will give you better understanding of the delivery time for your unit.  


What if I change my mind when it arrives?

That’s fine.  We have a 200-day returns policy, but we do ask that the furniture is returned in the original packaging, and that we are advised of any damages within 7 days of delivery. Please let us know  if you would like a replacement.

Have you not found what you are looking for? Please browse our full Furniture, Mirrors and Home Decor collection. We boast a beautiful array of items and are sure you will find something you love!

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