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Who Is The Vainest of Them All?

Since our customers loved our mirror mirror on the wall infographic, we have looked at who is the vainest of them all! Here at Flora Furniture we look at even more spectacular mirrors and their beautiful features so check it out today!

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How To Choose A Colour Scheme For Your Home

Choosing your colour scheme wisely has the ability to ensure your home reaches its maximum potential and really bring life to the room. Take a look at our colour scheme guide today to find out more.

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors are spectacular home accessories and when used correctly, in the correct room, you can transform a space to become the ultimate picture perfect moment.

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What is the difference between shabby chic, vintage and rustic?

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between Shabby Chic, Vintage and Rustic?

Here at Flora Furniture we put your mind at ease and explain once and for all the difference between these spectacular styles.

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