Floor and Free Standing Mirrors

Free standing mirrors and Floor standing mirrors are both very similar in the sense that they are usually always full length. Read more...
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Antique Silver Full Length Freestanding Cheval Mirror 44cm x 180cm
£86.95 was £115.95
save 25%
Extra Large White Ornate Wall/Floor Mirror 158cm x 78cm
£123.95 was £141.95
save 13%
Extra, Extra Large Ornate Silver Wall/Floor Mirror 100cm x 200cm
£196.95 was £203.95
save 3%
Grey Dressing Table Vanity Swing Mirror - Elise Grey Range
£68.95 was £76.95
save 10%
Huge Full Length Ornate Silver Wall/Leaner Mirror 119cm x 220cm
Huge Full Length Ornate White Wall/Leaner Mirror 119cm x 220cm
£242.72 was £276.95
save 12%
Huge Ornate Antique Silver Full Length Wall/Floor Mirror 85cm x 210cm
£176.95 was £184.95
save 4%
Large Gold Framed Triple Mirror
Large Ornate Silver Wall/Floor Mirror 158cm x 78cm
Large Ornate Silver Wall/Floor Mirror 176cm x 76cm
£131.95 was £136.95
save 4%
Large Ornate White Wall/Floor Mirror
£132.95 was £136.95
save 3%
Ornate Silver Floor Standing Mirror 41cm x 159cm
£87.95 was £91.95
save 4%
Ornate White Free Standing Cheval Mirror 45cm x 165cm
Tall Free Standing Cheval Mirror - Elise White Range 50cm x 168cm
£154.95 was £156.95
save 1%
Tall Pearl White Crushed Velvet Framed Cheval Mirror
Tall Rustic Grey Floor Standing Cheval Mirror 34cm x 154cm
White Freestanding Tabletop Vanity Mirror - Lila Range
£55.70 was £64.95
save 14%
Having a floor standing or free standing that is a full length mirror means you can lean it against virtually any wall or door and move it with ease. Choose from a gorgeous selection of our floor standing mirrors and free standing mirrors for that stylish bedroom or dressing room.