Table Accessories

Dress to impress with our range of elegant & stylish table accessories.  Read more...
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Antique White Vintage Metal Candle Lantern
£23.95 was £30.95
save 23%
Astor Distressed Wooden Mirrored Tray
£30.95 was £42.95
save 28%
Black Metal Multi Tapered Candle Holder
£18.45 was £24.95
save 26%
Copper Metal Multi Tapered Candle Holder
£19.95 was £24.95
save 20%
Copper Sphere Tealight Candle Holder
£9.95 was £11.45
save 13%
Curved Gold Mirrored Tray
£23.45 was £31.95
save 27%
Curved Silver Mirrored Tray
£29.95 was £31.95
save 6%
Gold & Glass Candle Holder
£32.95 was £47.95
save 31%
Gold Giraffe Candle Holder
Gold Leaf Candle Holder
£22.45 was £31.95
save 30%
Gold Metal Multi Tapered Candle Holder
£21.45 was £24.95
save 14%
Gold Rectangle Mirrored Tray
£23.95 was £32.95
save 27%
Grey Round Abstract Metal Planter
£12.00 was £25.95
save 54%
Jewelled Mirrored Display Plate
£8.95 was £13.95
save 36%
Lace Detailed Mirrored Display Tray
£13.95 was £17.95
save 22%
Large Ornate Copper Mirrored Tray
£20.95 was £26.95
save 22%
Large Silver & Bronze Ombre Candle Holder
£27.45 was £37.95
save 28%
Large White Crown Planter / Candle Holder
£15.95 was £26.95
save 41%
Ornate Copper Mirrored Tray 20cm x 20cm
£11.10 was £17.95
save 38%
Ornate Gold Mirrored Display Tray 20cm x 20cm
£12.95 was £17.95
save 28%
Round Black & Gold Metal Display Tray
£9.95 was £11.95
save 17%
Round Gold Lotus Flower Candle Holder
Round Green & Gold Metal Display Tray
£13.95 was £14.95
save 7%
Round Mirrored Gold Display Plate Tray
£11.15 was £13.95
save 20%
Rustic Wooden Tray
£16.45 was £27.95
save 41%
Set of 3 Silver Bumblebee Napkin Rings
£5.70 was £10.10
save 44%
Set of 3 Silver Monstera Leaf Napkin Rings
£9.35 was £11.95
save 22%
Set of Two Silver Mirrored Trays
£74.95 was £93.95
save 20%
Silver Mirrored Display Tray
£21.45 was £33.95
save 37%
Square Mirrored Silver Display Plate Tray
£12.95 was £13.95
save 7%
White Vintage Distressed Metal Tray
£19.45 was £37.95
save 49%
Create a night to remember by dressing your table to impress your guests. With candle stick holders, display trays, candles, and so much more we've got just what you need to design something beautiful.
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