Living Room Mirrors

Every living space needs a fabulous mirror. Mirrors add extra light to a room and make a room seem much larger. The hard part is picking what size and style of mirror suits your room best! This is where we can help!  Read more...
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Antique Gold Arched Triple Vanity Mirror 60cm x 72cm
£75.95 was £90.95
save 16%
Antique Gold Ornate Rectangle Wall Mirror 65cm x 45cm
£50.95 was £61.95
save 18%
Antique Taupe Wall Mirror 36cm x 55cm
£23.95 was £35.95
save 33%
Antique White Wall Mirror 36cm x 55cm
£26.95 was £35.95
save 25%
Arched Gold Wall Mirror 61cm x 101cm
£99.95 was £163.95
save 39%
Art Deco Antiqued Black Mirror
£162.95 was £195.95
save 17%
Art Deco Antiqued Gold Mirror
£157.95 was £201.95
save 22%
Art Deco Fan Frameless Wall Mirror 40cm x 60cm
£41.95 was £56.95
save 26%
Art Deco Fan Wall Mirror
£64.95 was £75.95
save 14%
Asymmetrical Wooden Pebble Wall Mirror 60cm x 60cm
£58.95 was £80.95
save 27%
Bevelled Freestanding Beaded Cheval Mirror 56cm x 168cm
£134.95 was £161.95
save 17%
Black Arched Wall Mirror 80cm x 60cm
£58.95 was £64.95
save 9%
Black Fan Art Deco Wall Mirror 90cm x 59cm
£81.95 was £154.95
save 47%
Black Metal Industrial Vanity Wall Mirror with Shelf 32cm x 50cm
£35.95 was £77.95
save 54%
Black Mirrored Wall Shelf With Hooks
£43.95 was £59.95
save 27%
Black Oval Wall Mirror 40cm x 140cm
£79.95 was £104.95
save 24%
Black Thin Framed Rectangle Wall Mirror 110cm x 55cm
£85.95 was £100.95
save 15%
Black Wall Mirror 100cm x 50cm
£107.95 was £114.95
save 6%
Deco Frameless Bevelled Wall Mirror 38cm x 50cm
£24.95 was £28.95
save 14%
Decorative Gold Wall Mirror 41cm x 60cm
£80.95 was £92.95
save 13%
Decorative Gold Wall Mirror 43cm x 61cm
£85.95 was £105.95
save 19%
Extra Large Round Gold Wall Mirror 120cm x 120cm
£144.95 was £176.95
save 18%
Extra Large Round Silver Wall Mirror 120cm x 120cm
£129.95 was £176.95
save 27%
Extra Large Round White Wall Mirror 120cm x 120cm
£141.95 was £155.95
save 9%
Extra Large Rustic Wooden Framed Wall Mirror 91cm x 183cm
£272.95 was £328.95
save 17%
Extra Large Vintage White Wall/Floor/Leaner Mirror 158cm x 78cm
£125.95 was £177.95
save 29%
Extra Large White Ornate Wall/Floor Mirror 158cm x 78cm
£129.95 was £177.95
save 27%
Extra Large White Window Mirror 144cm x 59cm
£129.95 was £162.95
save 20%
Extra, Extra Large Ornate Antique Gold Full Length Wall/Floor Mirror 85cm x 210cm
£174.95 was £265.95
save 34%
Extra, Extra Large Ornate Silver Wall/Floor Mirror 100cm x 200cm
£196.95 was £267.95
save 26%
Extra, Extra Large Ornate White Wall / Floor / Leaner Full Length Mirror 100cm x 200cm
£203.95 was £248.95
save 18%
Full Length Wall Mirror with Dark Wood Frame 31cm x 121cm
£42.95 was £43.95
save 2%
Gold Arch Wall Mirror
£95.95 was £106.95
save 10%
Gold Arched Metal Framed Wall Mirror 90cm x 80cm
£122.95 was £155.95
save 21%
Gold Arched Wall Mirror 80cm x 60cm
£58.95 was £64.95
save 9%
Gold Fan Art Deco Wall Mirror 90cm x 59cm
£99.95 was £154.95
save 35%
Gold Free Standing Cheval Mirror 155cm x 60cm
£129.95 was £165.95
save 22%
Gold Multi Circle Wall Mirror 61cm x 103cm
£162.95 was £211.95
save 23%
Gold Oval Wall Mirror 140cm x 40cm
£75.95 was £100.95
save 25%
Gold Square Mirrors - 4 Piece Set
£37.95 was £52.95
save 28%

Living Room Mirrors


Every living space needs a fabulous mirror. Mirrors add extra light to a room and make a room seem much larger. The hard part is picking what size and style of mirror suit your room best! This is where we can help!


Wall/ Floor mirrors

We have a massive range of wall and floor leaning mirrors in a whole selection of colours too! This style of mirror is fabulous for filling up wall space but they also create the illusion of more space in your living room, they also look awesome too!

Helpful tip: if using a tall mirror and leaning against a wall, this should be around three quarters as tall as the wall you are putting it against, the mirror will reflect whatever is facing opposite, so go for a clear space, if facing your furniture, it may make your room feel cluttered!


Mantel Mirrors

Perfect for hanging above your fireplace or sideboard, they act perfectly for wasted space above your living room furniture but also add more light to your living room. We have a wide range of different colours and sizes of mantel mirrors to choose from.


Decorative Mirrors

There to make a statement! Decorative mirrors should be hung high on your wall to act as a piece of decor as well as a mirror. We have a huge range of decorative mirrors, from starburst shapes for the more luxe and modern style living room to window style mirrors perfect for the rustic country style home. Helpful Tip:  Decorative mirrors also work great in groups of 2 or 3, to create a piece of wall art as well as a mirror!


Round  Wall mirrors

In a range of sizes, from 30x30  all the way up to 120x120. Round wall mirrors are super popular at the moment, their simple yet elegant design looks fabulous in a living room or any room for that matter! Whether hung on a wall on their own or above a surface space. Less is definitely more with these fashionable mirrors!



So whether you opt for a wall-mounted mirror or a wall-leaning mirror, we have pretty everything you need to choose from!

All our wall mirrors are able to be wall-mounted and have the fixings attached to the back of them for easy wall hanging.



Delivery of your mirrors does depend on the size you opt for, smaller mirrors will be delivered with an over night courier and will take 103 working days. Larger mirrors will be delivered with our very own specialist fragile courier and these can take from 3-12 working days


Contact us

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact our devoted customer service team who will be more than happy to help you, simple call 01302 741007.

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