Hallway Mirrors

A mirror will brighten up any hallway, whether you want to bring in more, create the illusion of more space, or just give yourself a final checking point before you leave the house.  Read more...
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Abstract Multi Circle Gold Mirror 70cm x 130cm
£189.95 was £200.95
save 5%
Arched Antique Silver Wall Mirror 61cm x 101cm
Arched Gold Wall Mirror 61cm x 101cm
£123.95 was £163.95
save 24%
Art Deco Fan Frameless Wall Mirror 40cm x 60cm
£47.95 was £58.95
save 19%
Bevelled Freestanding Beaded Cheval Mirror 56cm x 168cm
£94.95 was £161.95
save 41%
Black Fan Art Deco Wall Mirror 90cm x 59cm
£94.95 was £154.95
save 39%
Black Free Standing Cheval Mirror 155cm x 60cm
Black Mirrored Wall Shelf With Hooks
£29.95 was £59.95
save 50%
Black Ornate Art Deco Fan Wall Mirror 90cm x 60cm
£137.95 was £202.95
save 32%
Black Oval Wall Mirror 40cm x 140cm
£95.95 was £104.95
save 9%
Black Square Wall Mirror 40cm x 40cm
Black Wall Mirror 100cm x 50cm
Brushed Gold Thin Framed Wall Mirror 50cm x 75cm
£81.45 was £98.95
save 18%
Champagne Geometric Sunburst Mirror 95cm x 95cm
£144.95 was £180.95
save 20%
Curved Natural Wood Wall Mirror
£128.95 was £176.95
save 27%
Deco Frameless Bevelled Wall Mirror 38cm x 50cm
£26.95 was £28.95
save 7%
Extra Large White Window Mirror 144cm x 59cm
Extra, Extra Large Ornate Gold Full Length Wall/Floor Mirror 85cm x 210cm
£137.45 was £260.95
save 47%
Extra, Extra Large Ornate Rose Gold Pink Full Length Wall/Floor Mirror
£172.95 was £274.95
save 37%
Extra, Extra Large Ornate White Wall / Floor / Leaner Full Length Mirror 100cm x 200cm
£183.45 was £247.95
save 26%
Free Standing Vintage Gold Mirror
£255.95 was £317.95
save 19%
French Grey Arched Window Mirror 45cm x 35cm
£53.95 was £82.95
save 35%
Gold Arch Wall Mirror
£75.95 was £96.95
save 22%
Gold Arch Window Mirror 65cm x 45cm
£59.45 was £67.95
save 13%
Gold Fan Art Deco Wall Mirror 90cm x 59cm
£104.95 was £154.95
save 32%
Gold Framed Round Sectional Wall Mirror
£24.95 was £48.95
save 49%
Gold Hexagon Wall Mirror
£38.45 was £47.95
save 20%
Gold Hexagonal Wall Mirror 70cm x 81cm
Gold Multi Square Wall Mirror
£27.95 was £47.95
save 42%
Gold Ornate Art Deco Fan Wall Mirror 90cm x 60cm
£192.95 was £202.95
save 5%
Gold Oval Wall Mirror 140cm x 40cm
£91.95 was £99.95
save 8%
Gold Round Window Mirror 50cm x 50cm
£36.95 was £67.95
save 46%
Gold Thin Framed Slim Wall Mirror
£74.95 was £95.95
save 22%
Gold Thin Framed Wall Mirror 38cm x 76cm
£74.95 was £90.95
save 18%
Industrial Mirror with Shelf
Large Art Deco Fan Frameless Wall Mirror
£84.95 was £97.95
save 13%
Large Bevelled Frame Wall Mirror 113cm x 81cm
£143.95 was £168.95
save 15%
Large Black Oval Mirror 42cm x 156cm
£119.95 was £133.95
save 10%
Large Champagne Ornate Wall/Floor Mirror 158cm x 78cm
£130.56 was £185.95
save 30%
Large Copper Art Deco Wall Mirror 80cm x 120cm
£194.95 was £241.95
save 19%
The most popular hallway mirror is a large round mirror to hang over any console table, however if you have the room, a lovely full length mirror will make quite the impact as you enter the house.

New Arrivals

Ornate Arched Antiqued Ivory Wall Mirror 80cm x 100cm
Added: 17/05/2022
£149.95 was £162.95
save 8%
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