10% Discount off all orders for 10 Days Only

Yes great news FloraFurniture has 10% off everything for 10 days only. This includes all of the new ranges and stock items. As always if you cant find what you are looking for then please contact us on either 01301 711166 or e-mail us at customerservices@florafurniture.co.uk

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We have lots of new items at FloraFurniture

Great news, FloraFurniture has lots of new items, from dressing tables to large ornate mirrors and as always if you need any help please call us on 01302 711166 and our staff will be more than happy to help.

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New items just listed

Great new items just added

Lots of new items at www.florafurniture.com

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Oak furniture to provide that authentic period appearance

If you are in the market for furniture that is able to give you that authentic period look in your home, then oak furniture is the perfect choice. This type of classic furniture, made from lacquered oak with beautifully crafted designs, will fit in with traditional and contemporary décor as it is simply timeless.

With wooden pieces which have been made in that specific chunky design, you can mix and match to pick out the most suitable oak furniture from the many ranges available to buy online these days. You can be sure about their top quality construction as these furniture items are made to last.

Whether you are after bedside table, set of drawers, large wooden coffee table, mirror, solid wardrobe or bed, all of these types of furniture can be chosen in oak.

There are many advantages to purchasing furniture constructed using this material. In addition to its durability and sturdiness, each individual piece is expertly crafted and carved from top quality oak wood. This means that if authenticity is what you are after, then these traditional-styled furniture products make for an excellent choice.

Oak never goes out of fashion and always seems to go with everything, so if you are indeed after living room, dining room or bedroom furniture to fit out your home, you will certainly not be disappointed by these oak furniture designs.

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Selecting French style white furniture for your bedroom

It is a well-known fact that people spend a great deal of their lives in the bedroom, so it is no surprise that homeowners want to make their abode as personal and comfortable as possible. To this end, one of the most popular furniture collections is the Fler Blanche range.

This range of furniture is beautifully painted in white and is an excellent take on the classic French-style. Despite its elegance and attractive design, you will find that this white furniture is not all that expensive and you can choose from a wide variety of small and medium sized furniture items.

There is the essential dressing table to consider, not forgetting the double wardrobe, bedside table and wall mirror. All of these things can be purchased as individual pieces online and this white furniture would be ideal for a small apartment or flat which you want to fit out in a fresh, white colour.

With its wonderful French style appearance, it looks incredibly shabby chic and will certainly enhance the décor in your bedroom. Indeed, any room decorated with the Fler Blanche white furniture would be appealing. And so if you decided to find pieces for your living room or dining room as well, who could blame you?

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Fashionable painted furniture for your French theme

If you have decided to go with a French theme for your home décor and are now looking for furniture to fit out your space, then the Marsielle collection will enable you to do just that. This highly affordable painted furniture gives you elegance and beauty at an affordable price.

As it can often be stressful searching for the right furniture for the individual rooms in your home, either to replace old ones or as part of a complete home renovation project, you need to find somewhere where you can select these reproductions without any hassle.

By checking out the stock on the website of a reputable online furniture supplier you can choose from all different kinds of options to create this theme in your home. So if it is a French feel that truly appeals to you, then this Marsielle range would be just perfect.

At the height of fashion and with influences from Louis XIV onwards, this incredibly refined painted furniture collection will transform your house into something which looks like it has gone back in time to this period.

This top quality furniture with its subtle finish will surely enhance your property and provide a vintage French theme for your bedroom, living room or dining room.

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Deciding on quality wood furniture for your living room

As your living room is a place to go to spend some quality time relaxing after a long day, as well as being the ideal part of the home in which to entertain guests after dinner, you need to think long and hard about what furniture to place in this room.

One genuine option open to you is to select top quality wood furniture for the living room as it can be chosen to go with your décor and provide more of a homely feel to this space. Oak furniture has that unique ability to offer solid and dependable qualities which makes it ideal for this room.

You can put your trust in this high quality timber to be a stable companion over the years. Whether you are looking to buy an oak coffee table or oak glazed bookcase to fit out this room, the Boston wood furniture range is simply perfect for this.

In addition to the pieces mentioned above, you can also get all manner of products including TV stands, corner cupboards, mirrors and lamp tables to place in your living room. With its beautiful finish, you will soon see how the various pieces will enhance the room and prove to be an attractive addition to the home.

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Bedroom furniture to make a style statement in the home

For those in search of furniture for their bedroom which is stylish and charming as well as being functional, then the Gloucester range would make for an excellent choice. This is due to the fact that this bedroom furniture is dazzlingly bright and comes in a classic Georgian design.

Just because this bedroom furniture is constructed in a traditional way doesn’t mean that it is dull and boring. On the contrary, these classic pieces are clean-looking and they are able to bring a touch of elegance to this room.

When you decide on furniture from the Gloucester collection, you can be sure of its fine quality build. With a stunning hand-applied finish to the solid timber construction, this designer-style bedroom furniture will create a statement in your space.

In choosing which pieces would add to what you have already got, you can go through the many dressing table, wardrobe and bed options available online from a trusted supplier. The classic appeal of all the pieces in this range will mean you won’t just want to limit your purchases to the bedroom either.

You can choose the furniture in many different colours and pick out the items which are bound to impress.

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